Not-So-Jolly Roger – Blurb

The year 2108 has turned out to be an annus horribili (i.e. a particularly crappy year) for everyone, except for Willie Gates VII. He’s happy because he has finally managed to fulfill his lifelong dream of world domination. Jolly good for Willie, not so jolly for everyone else. Especially not for a certain Roger Bonny.

It all began when Roger floated ashore an island made of PET-bottles. Or, was it when he lost his job? Or, was it perhaps when his wife walked out on him to marry a four-eyed nerd who just happened to be the devil incarnate and the ruler of the world? Or, was it when his mother and father forced him to go to the very same nerd’s birthday party in kindergarten? Or…?

Well, all stories have a beginning. Roger’s too. It’s just that so many bad things have happened to him lately that he can’t choose which of them should get the honour of marking the very beginning of all his misfortunes. All Roger really knows is that he’s had enough. It’s time to strike back at Willie Gates VII’s evil empire.

Together with a group of brave pirates and self-proclaimed micronation royalties, Roger launches a full scale attack on the very core of Willie’s corporate empire, MegaSmooth Software. And, to make sure that the attack really hits him where it hurts, he makes sure to go straight for little Willie as well.

Anna Troberg

Anna Troberg är verksamhetschef för Wikimedia Sverige och författare, men bland de karaktärsdanande ungdomssynderna kan hon räkna några år som bokförlagschef och ett förflutet som partiledare för Piratpartiet. Hennes humoristiska roman "Chefer från helvetet" är publicerad i Sverige, Norge och Finland. Hennes motto är: "Life is pain. Get used to it ... or make it better!" Åsikterna på bloggen är hennes egna.

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  1. Joshua_Tree

    May 6, 2008, 13:13:12

    *host* Slump va? Jo, det kan ju du inbilla dig. 😉

  2. Marcin

    May 6, 2008, 21:57:37

    Vad hände med Abu Nidal organization och CS Technology bland många andra? Blev det för mycket?

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