Pirateopedia: The Ruddy Boatswain

May 27, 2010
Not-So-Jolly Roger, Spineless Fiction
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The Ruddy Boatswain is a bar in Pirate’s Cove. Or rather, it’s THE bar in Pirate’s Cove. All pirates go there. In fact, you just can’t call yourself a pirate if you haven’t been there. It’s the place to be. Not-So-Jolly Roger and his friends visit frequently, so this is where you can try to influence them into doing what you think is right.

At The Ruddy Boatswain you can meet other pirates, drink a few jugs of rum and get the latest news and gossip. If you have a question or a problem, you can always turn to Finbar Dunbar, the bar’s colourful landlord. He has one mighty, hairy shoulder to cry on and knows everything about everyone. You can also recruit crewmates for your own missions, or maybe even be picked by Not-So-Jolly Roger to join him on one of his.

Misc: The bar offers a variety of drinks for the thirsty pirate, simple, but good and sturdy food, and entertainment. The entertainment is provided by Finbar’s voluptuous and bouncy daughter Barbarella. Beware, though. If you can’t control yourself, you will suffer the wrath of his other daughter, Barbarossa, who does the bouncing around the place. She will kick you out for even thinking about looking down someone’s cleavage too long.

Anna Troberg

Anna Troberg är verksamhetschef för Wikimedia Sverige och författare, men bland de karaktärsdanande ungdomssynderna kan hon räkna några år som bokförlagschef och ett förflutet som partiledare för Piratpartiet. Hennes humoristiska roman "Chefer från helvetet" är publicerad i Sverige, Norge och Finland. Hennes motto är: "Life is pain. Get used to it ... or make it better!" Åsikterna på bloggen är hennes egna.

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